Columbus, OH Document Management Services

Are you looking for efficient and reliable document management services in Columbus, Ohio? Look no further than Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies (MOST).

We specialize in providing cutting-edge document management solutions to businesses of every size and type, helping them streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and enhance data security.

At Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies, we understand the challenges businesses face when managing large volumes of documents efficiently and securely.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we offer comprehensive document management solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Our Columbus Document Management Services

Digital Conversion and Document Scanning Services

Say goodbye to paper clutter and embrace digital efficiency with our document scanning and digitization services. We can convert your physical paper files into searchable digital files, without sacrificing retrievability or security.


Secure Document Storage Services and Organization

With our document storage in Columbus, you can bid farewell to chaotic file cabinets and folders. We utilize advanced categorization techniques and metadata tagging to ensure that your documents are stored in a structured and easily accessible manner.


Document Workflow Automation

Streamline your business processes with our document workflow automation solutions. From automated document routing and approvals to notifications and reminders, we help you optimize your workflows for maximum efficiency.


Data Security

Keeping your company’s sensitive information safe is our top priority. We employ robust security protocols, including encryption, access controls, and audit trails, to critical documents and records against unauthorized access and ensure compliance with industry regulations. 


SentryFile—MOST’s Electronic Document Management System

As part of our comprehensive document management solutions, we are proud to offer SentryFile, a powerful and user-friendly document management software program.

SentryFile combines robust features with ease of use, making it the ideal document management system for businesses looking to streamline their processes.


Key Features of SentryFile

Document Capture and Indexing

Easily scan and capture documents, and assign relevant metadata for quick retrieval.


Document Versioning and Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with team members, track document versions, and ensure everyone works on the latest version.


Document Retrieval

Instantly search and retrieve documents using keywords, metadata, or custom filters, saving time and increasing productivity.


Workflow Automation

Automate document workflows, such as approvals and notifications, to streamline business processes and reduce manual intervention.


Secure Access Controls

Set granular access controls to ensure only authorized users can view, edit, or delete sensitive documents.


Audit Trails and Compliance Reporting

Maintain a complete audit trail of document activities and generate reports to demonstrate how your company is compliant with industry regulations.


Why Choose MOST for Document Management Services in Columbus, Ohio?


With years of experience in the document management industry, we have the expertise to deliver customized services to help your business’s needs.



We leverage cutting-edge technology, including SentryFile, to provide document management capabilities that drive efficiency and productivity.



Your data security is our top priority. We employ stringent security measures to monitor and protect your records and documents and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Customer Support

Our dedicated in-house customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. 


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