John D. Hoskinson, II


Customer Story

"When we have a new project that we need help with, JD is always willing to work through the best scenarios with us."


Professional VisionCare

Customer Story

"JD and Paula are always a pleasure to work with, and the service team at MOST is exceptional"

Diana P.


Attended Kentucky Christian University where I played collegiate soccer. Received a B.S. in Business and a B.A. in Bible. Worked as a business analyst at FedEx for 3+ years before returning to the family business in September of 2002.


Tenure at MOST

MOST was founded in 1979 so technically I have been around since the beginning! I worked many summers for the company and eventually came back full time in September of 2002 for a total of 18 years.


Favorite thing about MOST

The people and the way we do every day together. We are certainly a team and we recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We know we can accomplish more together than apart. I also love how we use the business to help others, from the way we try to help churches and non-profits to the way we give to the communities we work in.



Running a successful business while ALWAYS putting FAITH and FAMILY first. God has blessed us beyond measure and I believe it is simply because He is always first, and then family follows immediately after.


Interest outside of work

Spending time with my family. I desire to spend time with my beautiful wife Rhonda as much as I possibly can. She is my strength and the glue of our family. She keeps me grounded and ‘down the middle’. I also coach high school soccer as an assistant varsity coach at Worthington Christian where my boys go to school. I absolutely love to coach and mentor the high school group. As a family we love to travel and go as many places and do as many things as we can together – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so we want to take advantage of every day together!